Bathroom Cleaner Descaler


This product cleans, descales and deodorises in one easy action.  Quickly and effectively removing unhygienic lime and urine scale from toilet and urinal surfaces and drains.
 Available in 5ltr

bathroom clean 750.jpg

Bathroom Cleaner Descaler Trigger

Apply with a trigger spray or cloth and wipe. Use a sponge or brush if necessary.

Available in 750ml 

Swirfresh .jpg

Swirlfresh Toilet Cleaner

Suitable for use on all toilets and urinals manufactured in chrome, stainless steel, ceramic and vitreous china.

Available in 5ltr & 1ltr

Lemon Multi Surface .jpg

Lemon Multi-Surface Cleaner Concentrate

A concentrated low foaming, quick acting cleaner with a pleasant citrus aroma. Removes dirt, grease etc from hard surfaces.

Available in 5ltr

Thick Bleach.jpg

Thick Bleach

Thick Bleach contains approx 5% active Chlorine  At the recommended dilution will remove sludge and grime. Eradicates malodours at the source, keeping drains and toilets clean and fresh.
Available in 5ltr 

Lemon Disinfectant.jpg

Lemon Disinfectant

This cleaner and disinfectant has an effective bactericidal action and deodorising properties.
 Available in 5ltr